Topics: United States, William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: February 10, 2013
U.S. Imperialism WebQuest

1.       Who was Alfred Thayer Mahan ( ?  What did he recommend with regard to the U.S. military? He was a leading expansionist who believed that America’s survival depended on a strong Navy. He wrote that it was time for America to “turn their eyes outward, instead of inward only, to seek the welfare of the country.” 2.    What is a shogunate?  What is a daimyo?

            a daimyo is a samurai, and a shogunate is a Japanese government leader. 3.    What cultural difference(s) hindered relations between Japan and the United States?            
4.    Why was Hawaii ( important in US expansionism?             The Hawaiian islands lie close to the American mainlands. It also offered an atrractive natural base at Pearl Harbor (and to maintain a coaling and repair system) 5.    In the 1884 Treaty ( between the United States and Hawaii, the word "sovereignty" is  mentioned.  What is sovereignty?  Why would sovereignty be a concern for the people of Hawaii?             Sovereignty is when one has more power over another. Sovereignty is important to the Hawaiians because it brings them comfort that the Americans are not controlling them, but just using their land. 6.    Who was Captain Sigsbee ( ?  What does he say happened to the Maine?             He was the captain of the Maine, He was listening to the bugle sound, when all the sudden there was a loud explosion followed by metal clanking sounds. 7.    What areas did the U.S. gain control of after the Spanish-American War ( ?             Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philipines 8.    Why were Filipinos surprised when the U.S. took military control of their lands?             Since they also had been fighting for independence like Cuba, so they...
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