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3 Implementation Support
3.1 Hardware, Software, Facilities, and Materials
3.1.1 Hardware
• Computer
• Pentium Dual Core Processor or Above

• 2 Gigabyte RAM or Above

• Hard Disk Drive 1 Gigabyte space or Above

• Internet Connection

• This Car Rental System is owned and used by RCTR Tourist Transport ,copy write 2013, copying this website is strictly not allowed.

• Maintenance Agreement

• Admin should pay the necessary fees to make their website alive. • Admin should keep their computer in cool place.

• Admin should keep track in the system.

3.1.2 Software

• JavaScript





• Operating System: Windows XP or Above

3.1.3 Facilities
• Hard Disk Drive 1 Gigabyte space or Above

• 5 Hours per Day

• 50 Days

• 15 anticipated Days

3.1.4 Materials

• Host Server Fee

• Domain Name Fee

3.2 Documentation
This Car Rental System has uses encrypted password and only administrator can see and edit user’s personal information.

3.3 Personnel
3.3.1 Staffing Requirements
Administrator- is required to know how to use computers, his/her role is to approve or not the reservation of the client and also to answer their suggestion and complaint. 3.3.2 Training of Implementation Staff

3.4 Outstanding Issues
3.5 Implementation Impact
This system is expected to gain more clients, to be competitor in transport service in online world and to make the owners life of RCTR tourist transport easier and smoothable. 3.6 Performance Monitoring

To determine if the implementation is successful, the developer should test their website in other computer/s by registering, login, renting and log out in their sites and also developer should login the admin page to determine if the renting is successful. 3.7 Configuration Management Interface

4 Implementation Requirements by Site
4.1 Car Rental System for RCTR Tourist Transport
4.1.1 Site Requirements
• Hardware Requirements
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