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The Right to Diet|
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The Right to Diet

It is a situation where a girl is being forced by her parents to become a non-vegetarian. According to them being a vegetarian she is having a deficiency of iron. For this reason they case a file against her in the court. It’s their belief that a court could help them by giving her order to change her diet, and she have to follow the orders of the court.

It is my belief, that a girl can’t be forced to eat food which she doesn’t like too. She is not a kid now. Instead of forcing her they have to think differently. They can take easy steps to make her understand about her diet. They can take her to the nutritional consultant so that he/she can tell her about the balanced diet because a vegetarian diet can also be full of iron, calcium, protein, etc. The thing is that she just needs to be guides for a right diet plan.

So by using this method both the parents and a girl will be satisfied and there will be a more bounding between them. Forcing a child is not a way of solution. If she is being forced to eat food that even can’t help her to gain nutrients from her diet because if she won’t eat her food happily then that can’t be proved as a good thing for her health. I think she can have better diet after consulting a nutritional consultant. As well it helps them to come out of that myth which they follow is a vegetarian doesn’t get enough proteins or their diet is not balanced because they don’t eat meat.
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