Impacts of a Borderless Society

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A Borderless Society|
Impacts of a borderless society|
Courtney BrownSC300 - Big Ideas in Science: From Methods to MutationKaplan University| 3/12/2013|


When it comes to time of the day to sit down and eat a meal, there a couple of different things that I think of when I try to decide what to eat. The first thing is how hungry am I? The second thing is what kind of food do I want; chicken, steak, a sandwich? The last thing I think of is how long it will take me for me to cook the meal. However, the thing I never think of is where does the food I’m eating come from? I’m going to analyze one meal that I have eaten today, a cheeseburger and potato salad.

When my family makes potato salad, it normally consists of potatoes, onions, and bacon. Potatoes are the leading vegetable crop in the United States, contributing about 15% of farm sales (Jerardo, 2012). Over 50% of potato sales fare to processor for French fries, chips and other potato products (Jerardo, 2012). Western states such as Idaho, Washington, and Colorado produce two-thirds of fall potatoes with Idaho and Washington accounting for over half of the United States total (Jerardo, 2012). Potatoes are usually grouped within two categories, fresh and processing. Processing potatoes then get broken down into, frozen (French fries), chips, dehydrated or canned (Jerardo, 2012). We always use the fresh potatoes when making the salad.

United States farmers plant approximately 125,000 acres of onions each year and produce about 6.2 billion pounds a year (National Onion Association, 2011). The top 3 producing states of onions are Washington (22,828 acres), Idaho-Eastern Oregon (21,000 acres) and California (17,850 acres) (National Onion Association, 2011). Approximately 170 countries grow onions for their own domestic use, however many are involved in international trade (National Onion Association, 2011). The top leading countries for onion production are China, India, United States,...
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