Impacts of Video Game

Topics: Video game, Video game addiction, Video game controversy Pages: 4 (1296 words) Published: March 10, 2013
2.1 The bad effects of video games.
2.1.1 Affect our behavior, feeling.
A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device (Wikipedia, 2011). With many types of games, there are many different effects that affect our life and most of them are bad. The first and also the most dangerous problem is violence. According to Dr. Craig Anderson (2003), violent video games may have even stronger effects on children's aggression for many reasons. He says that video games are highly interactive and engaging. In the other hand, many games reward for violent behaviors and because children repeat these behaviors again and again, they become more violent (Craig Anderson, 2003). Share the same idea with Anderson, Barlett (2009) describes five negative effects of video games and violence is the most dangerous effect. Violent video games is causally related to aggressive thoughts, physiological arousal, aggressive behavior, and antisocial behavior, as a result, children become more violent and they can’t control their action. Besides, there is a strong connection between violent video games and narcissism. Highly narcissistic individuals may act more violent after playing violent video games (Barlett, 2009). It seems like almost attacks are directed to the violent video game but there are some different opinions. One study by University of Rochester (N.Y.) researchers Daphne Bavelier and C. Shawn Green(2010) on the first-person shooter game "Unreal Tournament" found that players improved perceptual and attention skills by playing that game. It gives player some highly mental skills like problem solving, logic, quick thinking, making fast analysis and decisions. They found that playing pro-social games led to more subsequent "helping" behavior in users (Daphne Bavelier, 2010). These researchers’ opinions may right but this problem doesn’t stop there. The author of the research “The good and the...
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