Impacts of Profitability and Financial Leverage on Firm’s Capital Structure

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Impacts of Profitability and Financial Leverage on Firm’s Capital Structure By [Your Name]

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While conducting the proposed research work, I, being a hard-working, innovative and conscientious researcher, come up with the factual severity of consequences allied with an act of plagiarising content from others’ work. Moreover, I do comprehend the rules and regulations my university encompasses against submitting a plagiarised document. Adhering to all these strict and restricted rules and regulations against plagiarism, I have made all possible endeavours to keep my research report under the level of allowed percentage of plagiarism. Before presenting my research report to my esteemed research guiders and professors, I, hereby declare the authenticity and uniqueness of the presented dissertation, which is, by all means, an innovative piece of writing and is an outcome of hypothetically and logically researched facts and figures allied with the project subject matter which I meticulously researched during my investigative course project. Although, this dissertation is an original piece of research but still, there are some ideas, concepts and theories that are being taken and inspired from previously presented works in this particular domain for endowing my researched topic with a literal and theoretical support as well as for influencing the analyzed outcomes of the proposed research-based exposition.

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The successful completion of this research work was a knowledgeable experience that comes up as an outcome of my continual endeavors for several months. The accomplishment of this research work is not due to a stand-alone performance; in fact it is the combine effort of some dedicated and inspirational individuals who work with me and guide me through and through with their all-inclusive knowledge an d expertise in the projected context. There are several influential personages who have impacted my research work in a very constructive way but, there are some worth mentioning names, without whom, this dissertation would never reach to its end. These magnificently meritorious personalities are: •[Person 1]

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Sincere thanks and gratitude to all who lend their helpful hands for the completion of my research as you all really make it commendable by all means. In addition to that, I would also like to acknowledge those interviewees who cooperatively collaborated with me and assist me in drawing some valuable outcomes for my research. Finally, I would like to thank my family and close friends who supported me in my work and give me “I can do” attitude. Thank you all for being there with me and backing me for my research-based achievements. Abstract

In this paper, a great emphasis is being given to the investigation of the effect that profitability and financial leverage of an organization has on its overall capital structure. Though the implications of proposed research work are quite vast that cover almost every industrial domain but here the chemical sector in Pakistan has been taken into account for exhaustive analysis and evaluation of relationship exist between the three attributes mentioned above. For accomplishing the predefined aims and objectives of the projected study, researcher has analyzed the capital structure of 10 KSE listed firms by means of OLS analysis model. Five years data associated with these firms have been taken for analyzing the correlation between capital structure and firms’ profitability. Meticulously designed research methods have been employed to get the most credible and accurate results from the proposed research work. On the basis of regression analysis while evaluating the relationship occurred in the estimated model by means of Correlation Coefficient Test, the research concluded that there is an...
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