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Impacts of Olympics

By | November 2012
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The Olympic Games are a set of international sports competitions held every four years since 1896, regrouping over 10,500 athletes from different nations, participating to nearly 300 different sports (Australian Olympic Committee, 2009). They are one of the most renowned events in the world, and have the ability of attracting the attention of a worldwide audience and to produce important impacts on the country or region that hosts them. After hosting the Olympics two times in 1908 and 1948, London will beat the records this year by being the first country holding three Olympic Games and, in the same way as the previous Games, the 2012 Olympics are going to have major impacts on the country on several industries (Australian Olympic Committee, 2009). This essay will mainly discuss the political, social and economic long-term impacts that hosting the 2012 Olympic Games will have on the city of London in relation to the Events Industry.

This first part of the essay will discuss the political impacts of the Olympics on the Events Industry.

Over time, the Olympic Games have become “irreparably intertwined with politics” and have generated a good political image on the hosting country as they served as a tool of global publicity. Unfortunately, this hasn’t always been a positive thing as it often led to bribery and corruption. For example, in 1936 the Nazi Party used the Games to promote German superiority. This is why the International Olympics Committee (IOC) former president Avery Brundage toughly attempted to “separate sports from politics”, but regrettably, “it seems that countries will aim to use their teams as a tool, rather than an example of what they can achieve.” (Imperial College Olympics Report, 2011)

Protests, terrorism and boycotts are three other concerns when it comes to the Olympics. Often, as a result of the media focus on the region hosting the Olympics, small groups of civilians take advantage of this situation to draw attention...

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