Impacts of Natural Disaster Towards the Hospitality Business

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Definition of sustainable tourism.
sustainable tourism is a nebulous concept and to some extent has become moulded to fit the needs of conversation, government, communities and developers. Thus there is no universally accepted definition, but in 2004 the WTO ( did attempt to address this vast range of defintions by establishing that sustainability principles apply to environmental, economic and sociocultural aspects of tourism, so that a suitable balance needs to be achieved between these interconnected elements to guarantee the long-term sustainability of tourism. APPROACHES TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE TOURISM

Economic aspects working against sustainable tourism
To work within the parameters of ‘wise use’ or ‘sustainability’ it is important that the net long term economic benefits are optimal. The economic impact of tourism discussed means that tourism competes with other industries for the use of a factors of production and as such it can stimulate price inflation by driving up the cost of land and labour. It attracts workers from rural areas who may have been employed in the traditional industries causing the output levels in those industries to fall. Scarce investment funds may be attracted to the tourism industry on the promise of rapid returns an foreign exchange in-flows. This can distort the allocation of resources in the longer term and lead to structural un-employment. Where tourism takes place in industralized urban areas the above may not present severe obstacles, but to less-developed countries or sparsely populated regions, the effect associated with the development of tourism can be economically traumatic. Environmental aspect working against sustainable tourism

Airlines are responsible for a major aspect of air pollution and avast majority of air transport is for tourism purposes. Tourism is about real estate development and so it competes for land use and deplets the natural environmental stock as it does so....
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