Impacted Person

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“I hate it when people give up, it’s just a reason for people not to try”, stated that one young, strong person that sure impacted my life. People sometimes complain about their daily problems without thinking that others may have it worse than them. This little boy that didn’t really matter to him how many months, days or maybe even weeks he had yet to live he was still as strong as a rock in the middle of a storm. My little cousin impacted my life in so many ways, even though he wasn’t always there due to all the time he spent at the hospital, I still managed to be there for him whenever he needed a friend. Angel was like the brother I never had, sure we had our arguments, but at the end we would forget why we would start to argue in the first place. He wasn’t perfect but he was the cousin anyone could’ve wished to have. In the year 2003 Angel was diagnosed with Leukemia, yet this didn’t make him any weaker and it didn’t stop him from living his normal ordinary life. You would think that a person with this type of cancer would spend their time laying down in a room waiting for a doctor to tell them what other possible things they had to do to keep them alive. There was something about my cousin that was way different from the rest of the other patients that were his age; he tried his best not to give up. he was so into soccer that his dream was to become a professional soccer player, and every time he would turn on the TV a soccer game would be and a stream of tears would roll down his pale chubby cheeks, he knew he wasn’t going to make it but that didn’t stop him from having that illusion of becoming a soccer player. He’s the person I give the props to since he was the one that introduced soccer to me, he thought me how to play it, I guess that’s the reason I play it or maybe the reason why it’s the only sport that catches my attention because it keeps me closer to him than anything else in this world, and whenever I score i feel that great...
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