Impact on Hr Practices

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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International Review of Business Research Papers Vol. 4 No.2 March 2008 Pp.302-315

Impact of HR Practices on Perceived Performance of University Teachers in Pakistan Khurram Shahzad*, Sajid Bashir** and Muhammad I Ramay***
A number of researchers have established the relationship between HR practices and employee performance but they mainly discuss developed countries. Little evidence is available about relationship between HR practices and employee performance from developing countries like Pakistan. This study examines the relationship between three HR practices i.e. compensation, promotion and performance evaluation and perceived employee performance among university teachers in Pakistan. The results of the study indicate a positive relationship between compensation and, promotion practices and employee perceived performance while performance evaluations practices are not significantly correlated with perceived employee performance. Pakistani universities need to revise compensation practices and define clear career paths to enhance the performance of teachers.

Keywords: HR practices; employee performance; university teachers; developing country; Pakistan. Field of Research: Human Resource Management

A number of researchers have reported that HR practices are positively linked with organizational and employee performance (e.g. Guest, 2002; Harley, 2002; Gould-Williams, 2003; Park et al., 2003; Wright et al., 2003; Tessema and Soeters, 2006). The focus and thrust of these studies have been towards developed countries. Little research has been done to test the HR-performance link in developing countries like Pakistan. Aycan et al. (2000) termed Pakistan as ‘under-researched’ country in the field of HRM practices. _______________________________ *Khurram Shahzad, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management Sciences, Riphah International University **Sajid Bashir, PhD Scholar, Faculty of Business Administration & Social Sciences, Mohammad...
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