Impact of World View

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world view
Effect of World View on an Individual
In the following essay I would like explain my understanding regarding world view and its impact on my personality, beliefs, learning and education. There are number of people in a life of an individual who creates an impact on their world view. According to Hobson’s philosophy “The set of beliefs that we hold and through which we organize our understanding of ourselves and our understanding of others” (Hobson,2), thus the world view is a psychological portrayal which develops in an individual throughout different phases of his life. The personal experiences and what ever we observe since childhood impacts our future attitudes, endeavors and behaviors. World view as defined in book “Communication between cultures” is “an inside view of the way things are colored, shaped and according to personal cultural preconceptions.” (Samovar and Porter, 103). According to this definition the world view is an individual’s inner perspective but in fact it is influenced by various external factors. My world view was greatly influence by my family, the community in which I grew up, my gender and culture. Every individual should have the right to perceive the world in its own unique way. This concept varies greatly from person to person having different environment, cultural and religious background. In my case, many members of my family especially my parents together with my private schooling system have played a vital role in developing my enthusiasm for acquiring education and learning. I have been brought up in Australia which is a country where acquiring education is of key importance for both male and female. Being my Parents only child, I was always their center of attention. Though I was brought up in a middle class family but my parents always had high views about education. My elder cousin went to an average school and was not able to accomplish his goals just because of being a member of middle...
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