Impact of Women Reservation

Topics: Reservation in India, Gram panchayat, The Bill Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: January 29, 2011
What is negative impact of women's reservation bill?
Various political parties have staunchly opposed it because they fear many of their male leaders would not get a chance to fight elections if 33.3 percent seats are reserved for women. The Bill has also been opposed by politicians from the socially and economically backward classes. To know more visit given below link. Impact of Reservations on Women.s Participation

One important impact of women.s reservation is on women.s political and community participation. Besley, Pande and Rao (2005b[5]) show that com- munity participation, measured by attendance in public village meetings, improves the targeting towards disadvantaged sections of the village. Chat- topadhyay and Du.o .nd that in panchayats reserved for women, the frac- tion of women among village meeting (Gram Sabha) participants increased signi.cantly, in West Bengal villages, while in Rajasthan it decreased - but not signi.cantly. The results in Table 6 indicate that there is no signi.cant e¤ect of women.s reservation on women.s participation in the Gram Sabha. Nor do we see signi.cant changes in the presence of women.s organizations. We conclude that the presence of women leaders does not have noticeable e¤ects on women.s participation.

3.3 Impact of Reservations on Panchayat Activities
Data on the activities of panchayats come from the PRA. In the PRA, re- spondents were asked to assess activities of the panchayats after the last election on a variety of public good investments. Table 7 attempts to repli- cate CD.s results by examining the unconditional di¤erence in panchayat activities, for a variety of goods and services, in reserved and unreserved GPs. We .rst report mean activity levels in the two categories, and then the coe¢ cient of a dummy variable for women.s reservations from a regres- sion that controls for block .xed e¤ects with standard errors clustered at the GP level. From the seven activities we examine, we see a signi.cant...
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