Impact of War

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The Impact of War

In the story,” Soldier’s Home”, Krebs is faced with several conflicts after he returns home from war. The conflicts are brought upon by him and the situations that he has been put in. The reason for the conflicts Krebs faces is the fact the he could not adjust to his life after the war. During the story Krebs, the protagonist, tries dealing with the problems, but it is clear that he was not trying hard enough.

At the beginning of the story Krebs is introduced as a returning soldier who thinks that everyone should feel sorry for him. He returned home much later than all of the other soldiers in his community in Oklahoma and misses the welcome home party. When Krebs returned home what shocked him the most was how people talked about the war. He thinks that he should receive something for the efforts in the war, but does not know who owes it to him or what it is that he wants. This generates the conflict he is facing.

Krebs begins to think about his days in Europe. He remembers all the good things that had happened there and how much he really misses being there. What he really misses is all the things the army gave him. Krebs received food, water, shelter, and all the essentials need to live. He also liked the girls and how they liked him. He liked the attention they gave him and the fact that they did not have to sit down and talk. He liked the fact that he did not have to work to get people’s attention when he was in Europe. In the story it mentions that Krebs appreciates the girls and the people in his home town, but thinks they are too much work because they do not just walk right up to and start talking. This is an example on how the war affected him and now he is trying to live in a fantasy world.

The main conflict that Krebs faces during the story is the fact that he left home as a teenager and went to war and returns home as a man. He has not had the time to adjust and accept the responsibilities a man would have. Going through...
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