Impact of Video Games on Society

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  • Published : May 20, 2011
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Being a high school male, I have a 90% likelihood to play video games, many of which have violent content (Jenkins). While many claim that violent video games negatively effect teens by increasing their chance to be violent, I have played mostly violent video games for most of my life, and have yet to have any uncontrollable violent outbursts. So why is there such an uproar about violent video games and their effects on teens? Even though there are studies that show how violent video games negatively effect teens, many of them are biased and poorly conducted, and do not adequately show the possible benefits and actual causes of teen violence.

Video games have slowly been creeping into the lives of families for years, starting with benevolent games such as pong, moving to classics like Mario, and slowly moving to what we currently know most video games as today; realistic first-person shooters, bloody real-time strategies, and cooperative immersing massive multiplayer online role playing games. With many video games increasing in visual aesthetics, violence is not only present, but now more than ever, it is more available for viewing. So, does this increase in violence have any effect on teens? I believe that it doesn’t.

Many people, particularly those who fund and research violence in teens, believe that violent video games are the cause behind teen crimes and violence. However, these studies fail to take into account that 90% of males and nearly 40% of females in high school play significant amounts of video games (Jenkins). This automatically means that the odds of a video game player committing a crime is high, not for the fact that the video game is the cause of the violence, but since there are so many people who play video games, it is extremely difficult to have a crime committed by someone who doesn’t play video games. There is also research that shows that violent video games are often less harmful to teen judgment than the moral panic that is caused...
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