Impact of Training and Developement on Employees Performsnce and Organizational Growth

Topics: Somaliland, Human resource management, Training Pages: 4 (920 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Chapter one
1.1 Introduction
The purpose of training is to help people learn something they need to know or able to do for specific purpose such as to achieve organizational objectives and goals, carry out specific tasks, prepare new responsibilities or attain their correct goals. Successful training programs share they affect changes, that are designed to achieve objectives that describe what people will be able to do as result of training are learned centered, not trained centered.

According to paymond A. Noe etal, 2011: p 7 training is a planed effort to enable employees to learn job related knowledge, skills and behavior. For example many organizations offer safety training to teach employees work safety habits . development involves acquiring knowledge, skill and behavior that improve employees ability to meet the challenges of a variety of new or existing jobs, including client and customer demands of those jobs (Ibid). Development programs often focus on preparing employees for management responsibility, like wise if company plans to set up teams to manufacture products , it may offer development program to help employee learn the ins and outs of effective team work. Development implies “learning that is not necessary to related to employees current job” and development indicates that it is future oriented (M. londom 1989)

training has the distinct role in achievement of an organizational goal by incorporating the interests of organization and the work force( stone R.j Human resource management, 2002) .

however Training and development focus on enabling the employees to perform their duties better While HR functions focus on the day to day operations of the company, such as payroll, disability, and employee and management conflicts or issues. HR protects employees and the company by following the correct and legal guidelines for resolutions.

1.2 back ground of organization
In 1994 STC (Somaliland Telecommunication...
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