Impact of the Internet

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Impact of the Internet on Education
June 29, 2010
Life has distinctly undergone some very dramatic changes ever since the dawn of the Internet era and with each passing day there is a growing dependence on it. Those who are used to it would know the helplessness experienced when deprived of riding on this superhighway of information. It has also had a tremendous impact on the sphere of education. Learning is the act or process of internalising knowledge and acquiring new skills. Modern, web-based learning and computing spells a revolution in the way the tutoring is delivered to students. Imparting education through the Internet involves multimedia learning resources combined with CD-ROMs and workbooks. It is an attempt to explore the fundamentals or the essential concepts of a course by tapping the full academic power of multimedia. Many educational websites use different features such as interactive examples, animation, video, narrative etc. In the face of fast evolving technology, phenomenal quantum of information that is processed each day and the demands of an ever increasing population; the arena of education seems ready for some real changes. Traditional pedagogy has always focussed on the learning content that is to say the what’ factor of it. With the technology taking active role now, the focus is bound to shift to the how’s’ and a more realistic approach. The requirement from a pupil also has changed. The education through this medium requires a willingness to learn that to cram information. Online education is growing too fast to track. Hundreds of universities have been putting some basic courses up on the Web, colleges and schools have also incorporated some web element into their curriculum. The day is not far when ours will be a society where education becomes a life long process, with the young and old, pursuing some knowledge. The need is to adapt to the technology aided interaction. It will take considerable effort to acknowledge the new...
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