Impact of the Black Death

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  • Published : January 3, 2012
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The topic of this paper is the Impact of the Black Death. We will discover what the Black Death is, where it came from, and Influence that is had on society. The Black Death was a fast spreading plague that was reported aboard Genoese vessels in early October 1347. Because these vessels were sent back out to sea where everyone who encountered these vessels was contaminated by a fast spreading plague. Was there any way to have prevented this epidemic?

Martin, S., (2001), Black Death, Pocket essentials, Harpenden, Great Britain, This book tells what the black death is, when it started, and how it spread. I can obtain quite a bit of information from this book to help me with my research for my paper. Dates, names of vessels, cities, how they destroyed the plague, are among a few of the things that I can learn from this reference.

Borsch, S., (2005), Black Death Egypt and England: A Comparative Study, University of Texas Press. This Citation shows how the plague entered into these societies, and traveled from one society to another. How they handled the death. Wray, K., (2009), Medieval Mediterranean, Volume 83: Communities in Crisis: Bologna, During the Black Death, Bill Academic Publishers, And Boston, MA, USA. This citation deals with the stress and actions the people took to stay alive.

Riva, M., Papio, M., Roz, G., (2010), The Decameron Web: Plague, This web site has much useful information about the Black Death and the impact that it had on societies in this period. How many people were taken by the Black Death, and numerous of other information that I can use to help me in my paper. Dennis, DT., Gage, KL., Poland, JD., and Tikhomirvo, E., (1999), Plague Manual, World Health Organization,

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Martin, S., (2001), Black Death, Pocket essentials, Harpenden, GBR Borsch, S.,(2005), Black Death Egypt and England: A...
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