Impact of Television

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Television's Impact on children:-

Today, I will talk about one of the media that impact on children, which is T.V.  Watching TV for children has both pros and cons(positive and negative effects). Most children spend long hours watching TV.

The impact of television on children depends on many factors like: how much they watch, their age, they watch alone or with adults First, I will talk about the positive effects:
� It helps child to collect his lessons by watching educational television programs. � Get as much information and the formation of a cultural character by watching cultural programs. � Identify the different types of art and various forms of music. � spend more time with the family to watch television programs and discussed. � View action films increases aggressive behavior and violence to the child. � watching television for long hours of the most important causes of obesity in children. � TV ads affect the child and make him the fast foods are harmful to health. � TV develops some wrong behaviors of the child, such as: smoking, addiction, and the use of violence as a means to get what he wants.

The negative effects:
�Children who watch TV for long hours they probably will have negative impacts on their health such as they may weak their eye-sight at young age. �Changes their behavior: Children may change their behavior toward other people. Many children tend to follow their favorite actors or actress and imitate them by wearing same cloths, following same attitude and try to speak same languages. �Waste time

Parents should:

� Choose programs carefully watched by the child identified with a certain number of hours during which the child is allowed to watch TV, and control of the child when watching the TV with the discussion in everything he sees. � closer to the child and try to identify the way of thinking. � Encourage the child to read different books and stories by reading to him constantly from an early age. � teach the...