Impact of Store Design

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Impact of Store design & visual merchandising on Impulse buying behaviour

Student declaration
I, hereby declare that this project report titled as “Impact of Store Design & Visual Merchandising on Impulse Buying Behaviour” has been compiled by me as part of my education curriculum. This is hereby stated that this report is original in every sense of the term and it carries a sense of creditability and strength and that I have taken no shortcuts and remained both rigorous and scholarly. I have tried my best to keep this work as watertight and squeaky clean as possible. It may be further stated here that in the preparation of this report and projects undertaken some aid has been taken from a pool of professionally shared knowledge, a detailed description of which has been mentioned in the bibliography section of this report. I have not submitted this project to any other organisation or institution for any purpose whatsoever.


Swapneel Thakoor Mumbai



Impact of Store design & visual merchandising on Impulse buying behaviour


This Project is an outcome of total support and encouragement provided by a number of people. During the tenure of this project, I was fortunate to have interacted with people who in their own capacities have encouraged and guided me to make this into a learning experience. I would like to express sincere gratitude to my project guide

Prof. A. Ramaswamy Iyengar, for his constant and keen support at every step without which the project would not have seen the light of the day. I would also like to thank all my respondents for their all round support during the completion of the project. I thank the store managers of Esprit, Benetton & FCUK for sharing their information and letting me carryout my survey in their respective stores. I thereby thank each and everyone, who shared their valuable information, for me to have better understanding of the system, subject and concepts which contributed immensely in the completion of this project. Last but not the least I thank my family & my friends who have always given me constant support and encouragement during this project.



Impact of Store design & visual merchandising on Impulse buying behaviour


Due to increasing competition and the similarity of merchandise, retailers utilize store design & visual merchandising to differentiate their offerings from others’ as well as to improve the desirability of products. The purpose of this research is to examine the relationship between the customers buying behaviour and visual merchandising. The result of the present study proves that there is a pivotal relationship between buying behaviours and the complete in-store ambience & visual merchandising practices. This study provides information as to why visual

merchandising should be considered an important component of a strategic marketing plan in support of sales increase and positive store/company image. This study also provides insights to retailers about types of visual merchandising that can influence consumers’ impulse buying behaviours. The study has been conducted with ESPRIT store in Mumbai, India as the research object, comparing its effectiveness of store design and visual merchandising and finding the gaps with its competitor stores. The target competitors are French Connection (FCUK) & Benetton. This study was based on both primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected from the sample survey that was conducted in the ESPRIT Store in Khar, Mumbai, India. 40 respondents were selected for



Impact of Store design & visual merchandising on Impulse buying behaviour

the sample. A questionnaire was designed to obtain customer’s attitudes regarding major variables of Visual Merchandising in their store choice decisions. The secondary data were collected from...
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