Impact of Social Network Sites on Students

Topics: Social network service, Social network aggregation, Facebook Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: July 1, 2012
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Social Network Sites (SNS) have greatly impacted the lives of students nowadays. Students have recognised the usefulness of SNS via increased interactions with peers, academic exposure via learnings online and liason with potential employers and professionals. This essay mainly focuses on how social network sites benefits students, academically, socially and professionally. To begin with, Social network sites highly benefits students academically. The various inherent features of different social websites give flexibility to students to engage on a social level with others according to their comfort. Firstly, finding a common ground where students can relate, and share with those who have a common interest and the ability to make connection with like-minded students strengthens and build relationships and communications among students within the network. (Laderer, 2012) Secondly, the specific features of the Internet have created an ideal place for teaching and learning. Some studies have shown that male and female users seem to use technology in a very different way. This attitude has the strongest direct effect on behavioural intention for both male and female students. Perceived usefulness influences attitude and behavioural intention to use these learning mediums more so for males than females. Subjective norm was more an important factor for female students. Thirdly, Social networking sites increase the flexibility for learning. College students are heavy users of the Internet compared to the general population. It is integrated into their daily communication habits and has become a technology as ordinary as the telephone or television. Students who are unfortunate financially have practically an equal advantage of attaining the same level of skills, knowledge and educational achievement gained by their peers via online courses. For that reason, daily interaction and engagement with these sites has great benefit on the students’ academic...
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