Impact of Social Media

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A Media Research
Impact of social media, texting and other technologies on interpersonal communication.

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Media Research
MJMC- 2011-2013
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Sakshi Choudhary
Prerna Wadhwa
Adittya Kaul
Chitra Singh
Megha Sharma
Zosang Pachuau
Anumika Bahukhandi


The successful completion of this file marks the beginning of a learning experience on such an interesting topic. It would be worthwhile to mention the contributions made by the people around me leading to the completion of this practical file.

We are deeply indebted to Ms, Manu Sharma for giving me kind and valuable guidance throughout the course of this study. It was her constant and catalytic actuation that led to the successful completion of this practical file. Without her untiring efforts and encouragement, this file could not have taken its present shape.

We would also like to thank to all other faculty members who provided constant support and encouragement, during the project.

Sakshi Choudhary
Prerna Wadhwa
Adittya Kaul
Chitra Singh
Megha Sharma
Zosang Pachuau
Anumika Bahukhandi


Impact of social media, texting and other technologies on interpersonal communication


Social networking media, texting and other technologies have crept into our lives like no other technology revolution in the recent past. The social media revolution has completely transformed how we used to live our lives. In this context, we felt it would be interesting to understand the impact of social media on three major facets of human existence:

The psychological impact
Revolutionary impact and
The social impact

The psychological impact of social media on individuals is immense. The positive aspect of the entire experience has been the ability to connect with people. The core USP of texting and social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter is its ability to connect with people across the world and this brings a certain sense of joy to people. You would have met lots of your old friends through Facebook and that ability to stay in touch with them irrespective of locations makes it a very positive psychological impact on individuals. However, there is another side to this coin. I know a lot of young adults who wake up to Facebook without even brushing their teeth. On a personal level, I have known people who have been online on Facebook for ages without even signing out. There comes a point, after the initial connect with old friends, where you would be idling your time on Facebook doing literally nothing for a long time. This idling time makes you lost and completely distracted from what you had initially intended to do. From 10 mins of Facebook, it would have become 2 hours of Facebook at a stretch. So this addiction to social networking sites makes one even unaware of the real time zones, creating a negative impact on people’s mindsets. This addiction to stay connected and noticed makes one prioritize these small things over many more important activities. Revolutionary Impact:

The biggest power of the social medium is the ability to mobilize support for social causes in a very short span of time. The Arab Spring is a point in case for the biggest achievement of the social medium and it also reflected some of its own shortcomings. The advent of the Arab Spring would not have been possible if not for the social media. Both Twitter and Facebook were extensively used to galvanize support to shake the dictator regime and remove it from office. The Tahirir Square uprising symbolized the potential of social media to trigger and create change in a nation’s prospects. However, it also has showed some of the shortcomings of the medium itself. Even though the social media was able to assist the revolution, it needed people on the ground to sustain it and implement the changes. Almost after a year, they have had...
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