Impact of Rewards on Employee Performance in Banking Sector

Topics: Motivation, Regression analysis, Reward system Pages: 34 (9384 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Impact of rewards on employee performance in banking sector


Thesis submitted to:-
Department of business administration

Superior University Lahore

Prof. Muhammad Ilyas

Submitted By:

Usman-bin Khalid

Roll No: 6138 BBA (hons) 2005-2009

Department of business administration
Superior University Lahore


Thesis Title:

“Impact of rewards on employee performance in banking sector”

Research By:

Usman Bin Khalid

Research Supervisor:

Prof. Muhammad Ilyas

Department of business administration
Superior University Lahore

"Impact of rewards on employee performance in banking sector”


I dedicate this project to my dearest parents and my all class fellows. It is only because of them I am able to reach at this phase to gain knowledge of something. I am really grateful to my respected supervisor. He gave me such an excellent guidance during this subject whenever I need. I also thanks to all my friends who generously contributed their useful guidelines without their help this project would never have been possible.


It is certified that the research work contained in this thesis titled “Impact of rewards on employee performance.” has been carried out under my supervision by USMAN BIN KHALID and is approved for submission in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of bachelors in business administration.


Prof. Muhammad Ilyas

Submitted Through

Prof. Riaz Ahmed
Program Manager of BBA
Superior University


USMAN BIN KHALID , Roll No: 6138 student of BBA (hons) session: 2005-2009, hereby declare that matter printed in the thesis titled “Impact of rewards on employee performance in banking sector ” is my own research work under kind supervision of our supervisor Prof.Muhammad Ilyas and has not been printed, and published and submitted as research work thesis or publication in any form in any university research institute etc. in Pakistan or abroad. I also declare that this thesis work has not been used for any benefit or advantage elsewhere.

Dated Deponent


First I would be very to almighty ALLAH who is most merciful and beneficial .after that I am really thankful to my respected teacher Prof. Muhammad Ilyas who guide me to complete this project. I would like to acknowledge the contributions of my respect supervisor Prof. Muhammad ilyas to the development of my project.

Table of contents


This study painted “the impact of intrinsic and extrinsic reward on employee performance”. The Sample chosen for the study is 106employees of private banks. The factors affect employee performance were Intrinsic rewards (.241*), extrinsic rewards (.144), as results showed immense support for positive relationship between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and employee performance. The study has concluded that intrinsic and extrinsic rewards have a deep direct positive relationship with employee performance level and intrinsic rewards played significant role in the gaining high employee performance. The study recommends that banking sector shall apply progressive rewards strategy and more focus on intrinsic reward.


Organization human assets have always occupied central importance whenever it has come to management decisions. These issues become really complex when we talk about human resource department that have nothing more than expenses. In connection of our country. Pakistan is in the age of developing country, and being in this age recent financial recession has the worst impact over it. In this situation it becomes really essential for them to treatment in an efficient and dedicated way to their employee. The power of any financial service provider base on it human resources. The impact of rewards on employees’ performance is mentioned in this study. Organizations need to successfully administer their human resources...
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