Impact of Reccesion on Sports Industry

Topics: National Football League, Economics, Inflation Pages: 5 (778 words) Published: June 8, 2011
Impact of the Recession on the Sports Industry

Sports all over the world have become a big business. But with this rising recession, the

general environment has had some negative effects on these industries. Its mostly the professional

sports that this has been having a huge affect on. The national football league is seriously debating

having a lockout due to financial hardship, and other sports businesses and leagues are also taking a hit.

Apparel stores all over the world are having trouble giving out jobs to potential employees because of

the lack of money. The general environment is having a major effect on the sports industry due to

financial hardship.

The tough economic times are affecting the different leagues in different ways. The NBA and

NHL have been proactive in trying to keep ticket prices affordable. College football fans have remained

true fans to their teams, but schools are taking a hit with higher travel costs. NASCAR and high school

sports have felt the economic downturn the most. Budget cuts to high school athletic departments

began last year when the economy started to take a financial fall. Around the US, schools did their

best to pinch pennies by trimming games, reducing the distance traveled for away competitions and

increasing the player's fees. Some high schools are even debating eliminating there junior varsity

teams and other sports that are just not performing up to standard.

The NFL lockout is effecting college players that have played there hearts out to get to the

NFL. Colleges players attempting to join the National football league may have to do so without

pay because of the lockout. According to ESPN, the Oakland Raiders, a team in the National Football

League, the players and coaches associated with that team have started to give there share of money

to the employees that work for them. For the employees to be able to receive this special pay from

the players and coaches, they would have to sell a certain amount of tickets to fans around Oakland.

I think that this would be a very good plan to save there organization. The Oakland raiders sold

the least amount of tickets last season.

Across the country people will face hard choices, and their decisions may be very different from

what sports fans have done in previous economic hardship times. In the past, sports have largely been

recession-proof, a not-too-costly escape from reality that didn't have to be cut back on in the same way

that travel or big purchases might be.

Customers have a major effect on the performance of organization. A organization's task

environment includes all the external factors, like customers, competition, suppliers, workforce,

shareholders, the society, technology, the economy, and the government. I think that customers

are the most important external factor of a sports organization and business. Customers purchase

products and tickets. I think that without customers, a organization would not exist. Sports teams

and sports retail stores will have a major downfall. For teams and retail businesses to succeed,

they need true and loyal fans that consistently attend there games, and come to there retail stores

to buy the teams gear. That is where the majority of a organizations profit comes from, there

customers. Dissatisfied customers don’t often return to games if the teams are losing. Who would

want to wear a Dallas Cowboy jersey around in public if the team is doing bad? Sports managers

are compelled to measure the service quality they provide in order to attract and retain customers and

fans. Customer value changes overtime, and if sports products and teams don’t change with the times

companies lose customers and fans to the competition.

Organization have no control over the economy, inflation, interest rates, or international

exchange rates, and all of those...
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