Impact of Price on Reducing Software Piracy in the It Industry

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Statement of the problem

“Impact of price on reducing software piracy in the IT industry”

This is one of the aspects why market research is conducted through out the world. In today’s and tomorrows new unforgiving market place, it is the choice empowered customers who will decide the fate of the competition, global quality and new economic realities and conspiring to limit success only to companies that are focused completely on their customers, only these companies can continuously monitor and meet changing needs, streamline processes, cut costs, and restructure for quicker response to the customers demand. All of which will add up to an unmatched competitive edge enabling to conquer tomorrows market place.

This project is carried out with the view of finding out the impact of new price plan on reducing software piracy in IT industry

And the research is also carried out to find the impact of reduction of price on Micro Soft Office in reducing software piracy rate i.e. whether the reduction of prices of MS Office products will reduce the piracy rate of the software whether users will buy licenses due to the reduction of prices.

The study is confined in analyzing the user’s reaction towards the new price plan of MS Office products. The project is also confined in evaluating the piracy level of MS Office software prevailing in the city limits of Bangalore. This survey will be limited to only industries using MS Office for the purpose of front office. Research is clearly important in assessing the piracy level of the software used in the city. This research provides with the data from which the company can make broad inferences about the users group. The study will provide the overview of the user’s reaction towards the new price plan of Micro Soft products. It will help the company to get the users feedback of the optimal price of MS Office according to them.

Objectives of the study
▪ The...
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