Impact of Population Growth to Environmental Science

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Undoubtedly, the population growth is one of the most influential social issues in the recent years. As the earth's population rises, the changes in different aspects, environmental, global economic and political, affect our individual life. Technology and advances in medicine have dramatically increased the average human's life span. However, the important questions are that what impacts the growth of population has on you, how to get ready and adapt to these changes, and what can you realistically expect for the future. The U.S. Census Bureau has recently estimated that the earth's population is more than 6 billion. The human population grow sharply since the end of the black plague in 1300s. Various censuses have projected that in the next 30 years the population will go up by more than 3 billion. No matter it concluded the outcome of overpopulation is a disputed subject or note, but it is a fact that more cities will continue to grow, waste and pollution will be on the rise, and natural resources will continue to be depleted.

Example of Effecting Factor
Here is an example of the effecting factors. The fishing industry is a good example to illustrates the effects that bring by the population growth. For example, demand for fish such as tuna, salmon has grown sharply in the last 20 years. Technological advances have aided fishes easier to catch in the fishing industry. Although it is a kind of an inexpensive fish, the market value has gone up, and tuna is even auctioned off to the highest bidder in seafood auctions. When a company buys this fish, it is then put into refrigerated containers and flown to different parts of the world. The repercussions put more strain on the tuna population as it becomes an even more desired delicacy. And it is predictable to see that the price of tuna will continue to rise. However, the difficulty of enforcing a global reduction of fishing tuna is that not all countries...
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