Impact of Population Growth on Environment in Phnom Penh

Topics: Waste, Pollution, Waste management Pages: 12 (4188 words) Published: May 6, 2011
First of all, in order to do my assignment I need to get help and also support from many people. Therefore, I would like to say thankful and appreciate to those valuable people that give me very good idea, give me a lot of documents related to my topic and also they share me so many good experiences in order to make me feel confident to do this assignment. * My parents support me a lot in order to inspire me to study; thus, I could continue my study at university in Phnom Penh. They illustrate me a lot of advices and also supply me more material to reach my assignment successfully. * Lecturer In Sophal who have taught me many good lessons with his excellent explanation for over two months. He showed me how to write this assignment by giving me an assignment sample and he also explained me some main points. Moreover, I learned a lot from him; for instance, I could make an assignment plan and know how to do a presentation. Furthermore, I got a lot of knowledge and experiences from him that make me feel confident to work on this assignment successfully. *My friends who share me some ideas and give me some documents that related to my topic.

1. Introduction
The Kingdom of Cambodia is a small country covering an area of 181,035 km2. Thus, there have many factors that face by the growth of population are very noticeable particularly in Phnom Penh city. As we know that before the national election in 1993, our country face many regimes and during these regimes were full of wars and lots of people were dead too. So, after the national election 1993, the government of The Kingdom of Cambodia considered that Cambodia has gone through many decades of difficult times, war, civil war and loss of most population. Therefore, Cambodia has a method in order to increase its population because people play important role in each countries. The policy of government also makes sure that create more human resource can develop the country. However, Cambodia is poor country with many difficulties, and even with the present population food shortages can occur. On the other hand, the growth of population in Cambodia have increased rapidly recently, especially in Phnom Penh, is a city among other city, which have a lot of citizens. According to the estimate, the numbers of people live permanently in Phnom Penh is not less than two millions people. So, the large scales of population like this have leaded too many matters, particularly environmental problems. These problems can not only affect on society, but also on people. There are a lot of Environmental issues that have occurred in Phnom Penh today, and the government concern too much about this crises. In the beginning, this topic will have a discussion about the main problems of population growth lead to serious environmental crises. In addition, it will indicate the detail causes of environmental problems because of human activity. In section 2, it will analyze the effect of Environmental issues due to increasing of population. In this factor, it will inform that the matter of environment affect on both people and society. In section 3, this topic will show about the solutions of the government control the problems of the environment. Specifically, it will discuss more detail about methods of the government in order to solve the problems by cooperate with other organization.

2. Objective of Research
There are a few reasons why I select this topic to show every people in order to know my purpose. Indeed, the number of people grew very noticeable in Phnom Penh recently that I think this will cause the environmental problem in the capital city of our country. Moreover, I really concern our environment will happen if every body does not care about it. As we know, environment is very necessary for all of us and if we do not have good environment, we can not live with happiness and can not develop our country too. The main purpose...
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