Impact of Online News Websites on Forming Political Opinions among Youth in Klang Valley

Topics: Politics, Political party, Political philosophy Pages: 59 (18051 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Effects of online news websites on constructing political opinions among youths in Klang Valley Chan Hoi Cheong
Department of Communication
MCH390 Honours Thesis
Mr. Liew Chee Kit
July 15, 2011

The emergence of new media tools such as online news websites over the past five years have significantly changed the political landscape in Malaysia. This was evidently clear during the general election in March 2008 when the ruling National Front party suffered its worst defeat in 50-year after losing its two-third majority in the Parliament. One of the reasons which were being pointed out is the shift from traditional media especially among youths to new media such as online news websites to obtain information as well as to keep abreast with current political affairs in the country. It was in fact acknowledged by the former Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi by saying that his party has lost ‘the internet war’. This research article examines the relationship between online news websites on the construction of political opinions among youths in Klang Valley area. Through this research, it is hoped that a clearer understanding of this tool, which might shaped the future of politics in the country will be obtained. The results of this paper are based on quantitative surveys conducted on students from few universities and organizations in this area.

I would like to express my gratitude to my thesis supervisor, Mr. Liew Chee Kit, for his support and guidance from the beginning till the concluding level of this research paper. This paper would not be a success without his constant advice, which also enhances my understanding into the topic of research. In addition, I also would like to acknowledge the support provided by Department of Communication, HELP University College during the research period. Not only that, I also would like to thank the 100 respondents from four universities and two organizations around Klang Valley for their willingness to spend some time and participate in the survey conducted.

Last but not least, I also would like to thank my parents and others around for their encouragement, which helps me to complete this research paper.

Table of Contents
Chapter One8
Problem Statement12
Purpose of Research14
Objectives of Research14
Relevant of Research15
Chapter Two16
Theoretical Framework17
Literature Review20
Chapter Three28
Chapter Four33
Data Analysis34
Chapter Five66
Limitations of Research67
Suggestions for Future Researchers68
Questionnaire Form72
Output of SPSS86

List of Tables
Table 2A34
Table 3A36
Table 4A38
Table 5A39
Table 6A41
Table 7A43
Table 8A45
Table 947
Table 1048
Table 1150
Table 1252
Table 1353
Table 1454
Table 1555
Table 1656
Table 1756

List of Figures
Figure 119
Figure 2B35
Figure 3B37
Figure 4B38
Figure 5B40
Figure 6B42
Figure 7B44
Figure 8B46
Figure 1870

Chapter One

Do online news portals affect the political opinion of youth in Malaysia? As part of new media, online news portals have been viewed as playing a major role in this context today. In recent years, many online news portals have been formed amid the fast-growing usage of internet as well as changing political landscape in the country. Regardless of whether the organization is affiliated to a political party or act independently, such portals and other new media tools have definitely played a major role in the 2008 General Election, which many analysts describe as the ‘political tsunami’ in Malaysia (Deuntzer, 2009). Despite its soaring popularity since then, the validity of this statement has yet to be verified as the tool is still relatively new in the...
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