Impact of Nuclear Weapons in Ww2

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Exit Project|
Impact of Nuclear Weapons on United States During WW2|
Asad Shamsi Class:804|

Essential Question: How did nuclear weapons impact the United States in World War 2? Guided Question 1: How could nuclear weapons impact and prevent war? Guided Question 2: How did the use of nuclear weapons affect the outcome of World War 2? Guided Question 3: How did the use of nuclear weapons affect the political success of the United States during World War 2? Guided Question 4: How did the use of nuclear weapons affect the economic success of the United States during World War 2?

The United States was the first country to produce nuclear weapons, and is the only country to have used them in any type of warfare. Before and during the Cold War, the United States conducted over a thousand nuclear tests and developed many long-range weapon delivery systems with the help of many nuclear scientists. The United States not only used the nuclear weapons to end the war, but also to stop the economic and political crisis occurring. The country has been at war for some years and troops were dying on the battlefield. When FDR thought of the idea to use a nuclear bomb against Japan it seemed almost impossible to create and detonate over Japan. The impact they wanted was for other countries to realize that they are powerful and to stop the war with Japan and Germany. Ever since the nuclear revolution, the effect of nuclear weapons on the causes and events of war has requested debate. Today, political figures have come to a conclusion that nuclear weapons, when in the hands of biased leaders, can have a large effect on the outcome of a war. In that case, could the presence of nuclear weapons in Europe, Japan and the United States have kept World War II from breaking out? Due to both Hitler's great ambitions, and France and Britain's guidelines of winning, the presence of nuclear weapons would not have a large effect on the causes of the war. However, the course near the end of the war would have been either drastically more intense or a close ending in all of the countries fighting, depending on the Germany's ability to control Hitler's madness. Even if nuclear weapons weren’t available during world war two, Hitler still would be able to gain as much power as he did. So bringing nuclear weapons in during world war two couldn’t prevent war since Hitler was a very powerful figure to Germany. The question now would become could nuclear weapons stop the outcomes of the war of being so negative. If we added nuclear weapons to Hitler’s possession, there could be different possible outcomes to what he would do. The reason why nuclear weapons wouldn’t have affected Hitler originally is because; Hitler was so ambitious in trying to gain power over Europe and feared of blowing himself up. Either way Hitler didn’t need nuclear weapons to win the war, he could have easily done that with his massive army. One possible outcome could be that Hitler might have been able to control all of Russia, and become ruler over most of Europe if not all. If nuclear weapons were given to Hitler then he could have also possibly controlled parts of Asia picking up more people for his army as they went along. Another scenario that Hitler could have accomplished with the use of nuclear weapons could have been to raise an attack on the USA. This could have been possible with the help of a little torture and blackmail. Hitler might have been able to build a navy for his needs to go sailing to unreachable countries by land. According to some sources Hitler did have a navy and an air force at his commands. If this be the case, Hitler could have sent submarines carrying nuclear missiles to the USA and have attacked dealing massive damage to a country already in distress with Japan. He could have also sent his air force know as Luftwaffe to the united states shooting missiles at the country and being able to have a speedy getaway. According...
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