Impact of Nature or Nurture May on Development

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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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D1- How nature or nurture may affect the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of two stages of development.

5 different life factors which effect the development within adolescence are: Puberty; This occurs for females at an early age of 11 onwards, and in males at a later age of 13 onwards. Children which experience puberty at an earlier age tend to go into depression and can experience some anxiety, which could mean they don't feel comfortable in themselves because other children of their age have not went through this stage yet. Girls who go through this at an early age tend to suffer from lower self-esteem and think negatively about their body image. Boys on the other hand tend not to have these negative effects. Relationships; Children will experience highs and lows in relationships, as they get older they will get involved in more serious relationships and more effective relationships in both friendships and boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. Relationships could effect children in a seriously bad way they could lead to; depression, eating disorders, self-harm and family problems. On the other hand they could effect children in a good way including; advice, help whenever it is needed, someone to be there for them no matter what, someone to talk to and most of all making someone happy and wanted. Independence; This is a big change to adolescence, it affects children in all types of ways. They will use it in a variety of different ways including; in school work, in day to day life skills and in challenges. Using Independence in all those ways will effect them in a good way in ways such as; helping them towards the future, encouragement and making them realise that they need to look after themselves and that they may not always have someone there for them. Peer Pressure; This is something in which mostly everyone will experience at some point in their lives, and it usually occurs to be around the time of...
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