Impact of Marketing on Supply Chain Management

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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The impact of marketing function in supply chain management


The marketing function is the well known management philosophy that ensures that organisations achieve their goals depending on the determined needs and wants of targets market and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors. Marketing has three critical elements that operate with namely, customer satisfaction, marketing mix and company profit. In order for the firm to be successful any marketing effort must integrate ideas of having the right product, at the right time, combined with the right promotion and available at right place. Marketing concept has a strong influence o the management of the firm, inter-firm relationships and supply chain.

The concept as a business philosophy guides the firm to look for customer satisfaction at profit in a coordinated manner. Webster (1992) proposed that “marketing as a culture means a basic set of values and attributes about the importance of customer that guide the firm.” Furthermore, the marketing concept provides the philosophical foundation of individual activities or behaviours within the firm, and is also a measure component for implementing supply chain management. Burt (2010) explained that “marketing is the one of the important internal function in firm’s supply system that contributes to the flow of goods and services.” Furthermore supply chain consists of two streams (upstream and downstream) upstream is responsible for production or conversion process while downstream involve marketing and distribution.

Marketing in supply contributes by identifying customer want and needs and facilitates sales to the end customer while distribution manages movements of finished goods through distribution channels. Supply management and marketing they have collaborative relationship on impacting the firm’s sales. Marketing’s success in generating sales is in the part of the firm’s ability to introduce...
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