Impact of Ipl on Indian Crickect

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Impact of IPL on Indian Cricket

It has been just 6 years since IPL found its way into every Indian Cricket aficionado’s life. It came as a gust of wind and resided inside the heart of each and every Indian for quite long. Let’s have a look upon the Impact of IPL on Indian Cricket.

Initially it was a pure marketing tactics employed by BCCI to cash upon the successful triumph of Indian cricket team in the 1st T20 world cup. Fans went crazy as India won a world Cup after so long though it was only in the shortest format of the game. But T20 cricket had already found a place inside our heart.

IPL was launched and we Indians went gaga over it and started selecting teams to cheer for and hence friends became rivals, couples started fighting upon whose team is better, and there was a battle to prove their supremacy in each and every corner of the country. This was the initial impact of IPL on Indian Cricket and its devotees.

DISADVANTAGES : The Adverse Impact of IPL on Indian Cricket

Slowly and slowly it started affecting the quality of cricket in India and we cannot ignore the adverse impact of IPL on Indian Cricket. Players started losing patience and were going for shot on each and every ball. But the effect was not clearly visible in the initial phase as we already had the services of likes of Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman, and Gambhir in best of their form and hence making it easy in the longest format of the game. We were the no 1 test team in the world very soon. So changing attitude of the young guns were not much to worry then as they were playing shorter versions only and there one needs that attacking mindset. But no one realized how IPL was forcing batsmen to adjust their technique accordingly as they couldn’t leave each and every ball and hence had to adapt themselves to play each and every ball which resulted in tendency to poke or edge the ball...
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