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Impact of Internet

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Home Blogs Love at first sight... Reality or just fairytale stories??? Internet’s effect on today’s youth

Love at first sight... reality or just fairytale stories???

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Internet’s effect on today’s youth

I was watching roadies audition yesterday, and there was this guy who admitted during the interview that he has a online girlfrnd, who has many frnds and admires online and he prefer the virtual world to real world any day, and this gave me my first topic for blogging.

INTERNET a very useful tool in today’s day , everyone of us, especially today’s youth is very depended on internet for all their needs. In a way internet has made today’s life pretty easy, if we want any information we just google it and voila get the necessary info, which otherwise would have been a very tedious job. If we feel lonely and want to make some new friends we different social networking sites, we can sit right in our office,home, college and shop for electronic items, bags,shoes, and everything we can think of.

We all know about the advantages of internet and even I’ll agree to the fact that internet has definitely made my life easier in many ways. But there are two sides of every coin, we never stop and think there might actually be some disadvantage of internet. As I had mentioned earlier, the guy from roadies audition loves virtual world than real world. This is the biggest DISADVANTAGE. Most of us is a part of atleast one social networking site. The main purpose of social networking site was to make communication easy between friends and people we know easier, since in today’s hectic life we don’t get to meet and mingle as much as we would love to. But...

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