Impact of Information Technology on E Governance

E-Government, Uninterruptible power supply, Internet


Project Report on
Gyandoot Vs E-Mitra

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Prof. Kavitha Ranganathan
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Digital Inclusion for Development

Chetan Jajoria|Rohit Raj|Suresh K
Many governments all over the world are today embarking on an ambitious e-governance projects aimed at bridging the digital divide between the rich and poor as well as the urban and rural citizens. However a closer look at the statistics at this stage would give us the real picture. According to a World Bank estimate about 85% of the e-governance projects across the developing countries have failed to achieve the desired result either totally or partially. The problem is also compounded by the lack of clear criteria for evaluating the success of such projects. There is little doubt that e-governance increases the efficiency and productivity of government services, thereby reducing the costs involved. However the problem lies in the conceptualization of the project. Any e-governance project should involve the people, process and technology in the said order. However the projects tend to veer of their objectives when they unduly stress on the technology and tend to ignore the people or when they set their priorities in the reverse order. Technology plays a role albeit a very minor one in determining the success of such e-governance projects. Projects should be built on needs of the citizens as the core with processes and technology acting as the supplemental factors. Only the there will significant involvement from the citizens. The other reasons for failure of the e-governance projects could be attributed to tardy implementation, non-consideration of opportunity costs, sustainability, project management skills, short-term and long-term tradeoffs. In this report evaluation of two such e-governance projects from India, Gyandoot of Madhya Pradesh and e-Mitra of Rajasthan have been done. E-Mitra is being...
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