Impact of Information Technology on University Students

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Impact of Information Technology on University Students


Introduction to Sociology (HUM-381)

Prepared For:

Mohit Prodhan

Faculty, School of Business

Prepared By:

Sujan Bhowmik ID: 10310495

Mahbub Hasan Bhuiyan ID: 10310551

Anendya Chakma ID: 10310553

Saleh Abedin Chowdhury ID: 10310251

Shafiqur Rahman ID: 10310227

Pavel MiaID: 10310265

University of Information Technology & Sciences

January, 2012


First we would like to great thank to our god who makes us and also gives us all capacity to do something in every time.

We give thank our Honorable course instructor Mohit Prodhan for his any time co-operation. He helped us by giving all kinds of information regarding to our Report.

Computer makes our works very easy and saves our time. In the Lab we could use easily the computer and completed our report on group as a result some time we faced some problem about operating the computer and this time the computer man of the lab helped us. So we are expressing our great thanks to Ishan Chowdhury [IT Officer]. They helped us to giving some information that was vital for our report.

We are also very much grateful to the shopkeepers and the customers who helped us by giving important information and gave us their valuable time.

At last, we express our sincere gratefulness to the class mates and group member of us who give us important knowledge regarding to our report.

Thanks from
Sujan Bhowmik
(On behalf of the group)

Letter of Transmittal

Mohit Prodhan
Lecturer, School of Business
University of information technology & sciences

Sub: Submission of Report on “Impact of Information Technology on University Students”

Dear Sir,
We the undersigned students were assigned to prepare a report on “Impact of Information Technology on University Students we have prepared this report. In preparing this report, we have followed your guidelines. As per your direction, we have added a lot of information from the mentioned topic. From this report we have achieved a lot of basic knowledge and we think ourselves that it will help us a lot in our future career. We sincerely hope this report will fulfill the requirements suggested by you under the course Introduction to Sociology. We truly appreciated this report. We hope it will be accepted by you. If you have any question after reading this report, let us know. Sincerely yours

Sujan Bhowmik Mahbub Hasan Bhuiyan
ID: 10310495 ID: 10310551

_________________ ________________
Anendya Chakma Saleh Abedin Chowdhury
ID: 10310553 ID: 10310251

_________________ _____________________ Pavel Mia Shafiqur Rahman ID: 10310265 ID: 10310227

Table of Contents

Part 1:

1. Executive Summary
2. Origin of the report
3. Limitations of the study

Part 2.

1. What is Information Technology?
2. Why is Information Technology important?
3. What and Why of Information Technology in University? 4. A Study on Development of IT SCENARIO in University.

Part 3
Impact of Information Technology on University Students
1. Changes to Learning.
2. Self-paced Learning.
3. Removing the Barriers of Distance, Time and Cost.
4. Wide Variety of Learning Tools.
5. Easy Access to External Resources.
6. Connectivity.
7. Lessons.
8. Information Technology and the purpose of University education. 9. Information Technology and the potential of education....
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