Impact of Information Technology on Health

Topics: Medicine, Physician, Health care Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Impact of Technology on Health
If new drugs are to be produced or tested out, it can possibly be done with the help of Information Technology. In the article, ‘Improving Safety with Information Technology,’ (2012, May 7) clearly states, “if medicine is to achieve major gains in quality, it must be transformed, and information technology will play a key part, with respect to safety.” Information technology helps researchers to do research on sicknesses, diseases or viruses so that information can be collected, compiled and analyzed in order to create new drugs. There may be some hindrances to the idea of new and improved drugs. New and improved medicine can be expensive, limited in number of supply or people may want to stick with the old drugs. For instance a malaria patient who is on medication, and finds that the sickness is gone after taking all the drugs prescribed; he/she would take time to swallow the idea of taking new and improved medicine when prescribed by the doctors if that patient ever gets sick again. The main reason why medicine are improved and created is because 1 out of 10 bacteria that cause disease are resistant to drugs, and also new diseases and sicknesses are formed. That is were information technology comes in; researches are carried out then medicines are formulated and produced according to the research carried out so that these newly found drugs can help in reducing sicknesses. It is for these reasons that information technology is important in the improvement in the field of health regardless of the negative results. In the 20th century, information technology has made it possible for us to access medical and health information at the tip of our finger. With the merging of communication and technology; things like modems, cell phones, laptops, PDA’s, iPad, iPods, Vsat and computers, can be used to access information online. One of these improvements in the field of information technology with respect to health which stands out is;...
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