Impact of Ict on Society

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Impact of Ict on Society

By | October 2010
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Fundamentals of Contemporary Technologies

'' Impact of ICT on Society ''

Table of Contents
2.The annotations1
2.1Scholarly journal articles1
2.2Conference papers1
2.3Newspaper articles1
2.4Internet sources1
Annotated Bibliographies3
PART B (Endnote)6
5.The Endnote advantages6
6.The Endnote disadvantages7
7.The Recommendations8



With era of globalization, information technology has taken new horizons and reached a position where it is a part of our daily routine. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has increased the process of communication and information sharing to be simpler and in a quick timer and directly or indirectly facilitated and improved the way people request a service or product in general.ICT has become involved in every part of the community such as governance, defense and daily activities of all people. Moreover, with the usage being high governance and other national related activities have been taken an electronic form or method which has facilitating the process not like former traditional ways. The following report is about how ICT impacts on society. Various journals, internet source, conference and news papers have been found describing this effect.

The annotations

1 Scholarly journal articles

1."Evaluation the social and cultural implications of the internet." (Philip, 2006)

2. “A look into the future impact of ICT on our lives “ .(Floridi, 2007)


2 Conference papers

1."Strategic impact of e-government on Economy and Society."(Cellary, 2008)

3 Newspaper articles

1.“ICT development key to economic growth: WB “ (Ltd, 2009)

4 Internet sources

1."The social impact...

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