Impact of Globalisation on the Success of a Project, a Technological Perspective.

Topics: Project management, Management, Academia Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Impact of globalisation on the success of a project, a technological perspective. Introduction
As globalisation is taking place, more projects are being implemented with low cost and below the scheduled times. In order for such demands to be met, technology is playing a vital role in the managing of the project processes. For one to work with sophisticated software, they need skills and knowledge in order to feed the computerised systems with data. However, education is not limited to project managers only, the stakeholders involved in any kind of projects need to be made aware. This may involve a community or a larger society at large. Thus, globalisation so much it comes at the hand of effective project management and development, it makes accessibility to resources very difficult than before due to strict measures that could be imposed in order to curb over-budgeting or poor time management especially in bigger projects with government strategic objectives. Technology is one of the fastest tool that is transforming our approach to effective project management, that is why I have chosen a scholarly article by Anantamula,V.S(2008) where he discuss on “The role of technology in the project manager performance model”. This article identifies people-related factors that influence project success, it further looks at the interrelationship among these factors. The main focus of this article is on understanding the position of technology as a critical factor in the supporting function of the project managers. The article has analysed a project manager model, which measures the effectiveness of technology in the success of projects. Critique summary on the scholarly article by Anantamula, V.S (2008) This article clearly links to its title “The role of technology in the project manager performance model”, the reader can easily understand the objectives of the document as it is clearly spelt out in the title. The article also shows that the author had collected enough...
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