Impact of Galileo's Vision in the World of Art

Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, Florence, Visual arts Pages: 10 (3053 words) Published: August 3, 2012
| Ashwini Hemalatha|

Lecturer: Thierry Delfosse
Sociology of Design
Ashwini Hemalatha
Term: July 2011
Date: August 1st 2012
Word count: 2580
sociology of design| impact of galileo’s vision and theories in the world of paintings|

Table of Contents
Introduction 7
Galileo and Da vinci10
Maria Claura Eimmart13
Peter Paul Rubens14
Lodovico Cardi15
Vincent Van Gogh16
Modern day Astronomincal Art17
Chesley Bonestool17

The key objective of this research paper is to identify the impact of Galileo’s vision, theories and principles in the world of art. I have chosen paintings as an aspect of art to understand how Galileo’s scientific theories and discoveries were visually depicted in the works of artists. It also aims to select a few works of artists and art movements, who have used his theories as a base to create their pictorial representations starting from the period of Galileo till contemporary art. I have tried to bring a perspective on the impact of Galileo’s heavenly observations on painters belonging to different periods. The methods used to fulfil the above objective were to identify works of art primarily during the time of Galileo and to study the paintings closely to understand the influence of Galileo. It also studies how Galileo changed the approach to art. It examines the techniques, and methodologies that artists used in their paintings that created a revolutionary change. This change has resulted in a phenomenal and paradigm shift in the world of art after the discoveries of Galileo. Many books and journals have proven the close relationship of galiloe’s theories translated as brush strokes in the works of master minds. Motivation:

The reason for choosing this topic was to deeply analyse the close relationship between science and art. Artists have always seen scientific theories as a major inspiration for works of art. Galileo has also been very influentional and inspirational to the artists of not only of his time but also contemporary artists. This paper attempts to examine this link between the legendary and revolutionary scientist and creativity expressed in the canvases.

Art and science:
Most artists use Galileo’s astronomical findings and mathematical principles in their work. Every artist has their own unique way of interpreting science that can be used in their work. There are many scientific methods that artist use in their work of art apart from mere application of ink, brush on pigment on their canvases. The basic principles of colour, line, texture , form , harmony, balance, perspective, scale are applied in order to make piece of art work. To understand the influence of Galileo in art, some of the scienctific methods used in art must be analysed. “Galileo was also a master of perspective drawing, for example, chiaroscuro, a pure exercise in the art (also considered a science and studied as such) of representing three dimensions in two through the use of light and shadow on complex geometric forms. “ Space, mass, and volume:

For artists space can be ‘actual” the 3 dimensional space occupied or it can be “illusionistic”. Illusionistic is when painters depict an image of the three dimensional spatial word on two a two dimensional surface. This requires an acute knowledge of science in order to convert 3D into 2D. Galileo’s mastermind plays a major role in acquiring this knowledge by applying mathematical principles in the work of art. Mass and volume describe the three dimensional space. In both architecture and sculpture, mass is the bulk, density, and weight of matter in space. Volume is the space that mass organises, divides or encloses. Both mass and volume describe the forms of matter in the work of art. Perspective and foreshortening:

Perspective is one of the most important pictorial devices for organising forms in space. Throughout history artists have used various...
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