Impact of Fragrance on Consumerchoice

Topics: Odor, Olfaction, Marketing Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The Impact of fragrance on consumer choice

From the article that I have read I can clearly see that there are many factors that fragrance has on consumer choice. Marketers have to be aware of what other categories fragrance is a primary key driver.

A fragrance of a product does affect the purchase decision as smells are not easily identified, perceived or spoken about. It is important that a fragrance satisfies the customer due to product performance. This is good because it could have a positive impact on the brand. A factor which can impact a purchase decision is atmospherics as this affects the consumer’s behaviour. Just from a certain mood or the ambience a consumer’s behaviour can be changed before the evaluation of the product.

The way a products packaging is perceived is also vital as it would appeal to customers. As fragrance is found to be a primary key driver it would make sense for consumers to smell the fragrances right away regardless of packaging.

As consumer demands increase, the more products should have baseline attributes. As this happens technology has allowed fragrance to be applied to several more products giving consumers even more choice.

Another factor of fragrance on consumer choice is the fact that perceived fragrances are different to how you would describe them. Fragrances cannot be discussed and this would make it harder for them to choose. Individuals usually use objects or memories to relate to fragrances. Only fragrance houses will fully understand the meaning of fragrances.

Odours combined with the correct products also influence purchase decisions. Customers are likely to understand the fragrance more if the right packaging and information for a particular product, and are more likely to purchase as they are used to this. Evidence in the article showed that packaging and fragrance changes affected consumer choices in selecting bar soaps, because the product was changed but the fragrance wasn’t this shows me that...
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