Impact of Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy

Topics: Fossil fuel, Renewable energy, Wind power Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: March 27, 2013
At present, fossil fuels are readily accessible. These fuels are easy to use, and a simple combustion procedure turns them into energy for running a vehicle, generating electricity and/or heat. Fossil fuels are currently a cheap source of energy and so are the methods of producing energy from them. With our present distribution networks, we can get fossil fuels of all kinds around the world. That makes it easy to employ them, no matter where you are. Thus, there is a huge dependence of fossil fuels. That means, as energy is running out, everyone will suffer the consequences. Not only will it raise the demand and price, but will also affect the political stand point of each nation- especially, the third world countries. As the demand of energy increases and the supply becomes more limited, nations will be competing for energy. Therefore, the focus will be less on innovation and more on gaining control over the remaining fossil fuels. Furthermore, as the cost increases, the process of innovation will slow down and seeking new form of energy will be expensive. Inevitably, fuel will ran out, our country will eventually have to choose between paying to continue the status quo and investing in a new form of energy for the future. Hence, making a decision now instead of waiting 25 years will only give a head start in finding alternative ways that will replenish the dwindling supply of energy today.

Throughout the last 50 years there have been many great innovations, from the simple calculator to the advanced computers. This spur of innovation seems to be accelerating, similar to a highly reactive reaction. However, like all reactions there is a limit to which the reaction rate approaches. Eventually, the reaction rate begins to slow down and equilibrium is reached. The question is in our reaction of innovation, what is the driving force? It is the abundance of energy in the form of fossil fuels. These fossil fuels allowed us to create great new products and...
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