Impact of Employees Motivation on Organizational Effectiveness

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  • Published : December 2, 2011
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A Review and Analysis of
“Impact of Employees Motivation on Organizational Effectiveness” by Quratul-Ain Manzoor

The following is a summary of an article called “Impact of Employees Motivation on Organizational Effectiveness”. It was written by Quratul-Ain Manzoor for publication in Business Management and Strategy.

The author’s purpose was to identify the factors that influence employee motivation. He asks if there is a relationship between organizational effectiveness and employee motivation. The model for his study is based on the vast literature on this subject over the last 30 – 40 years. The author was motivated to find any linking factors between employee motivation and organizational effectiveness. What the literature informs Mr. Manzoor is that empowerment and recognition have positive effects on employee motivation. So these two central factors form the basis of his research and findings.

Realizing that these two terms (“motivation” and “organizational effectiveness”) are the central part of his study, the author spends two sections of his article in defining and explaining these terms. Specifically, he cites many previous books and articles and comes up with definitions as others have used these terms. He comes up with a consensus of what these factors mean. This is the focus of his literature review.

The author adds to the discussion his own views about these topics. First, he says that money is the fundamental inducement, and that no other incentive comes even close. It alone can motivate individuals towards higher performance. But in order to get to its goals organizations need a few individuals to provide leadership. Leadership, he says, is about getting things done the right way, and to do that you need people to follow you. That’s based on trust he says. It is empowerment that provides organizational members with the sense of belonging and pride in the organization. It doesn’t matter how automated an...
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