Impact of Employee Satisfaction on Customer Satisfaction of T Mobile United Kingdom

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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1. Introduction 4 1.1 Background of Research 4 1.2 Introduction of T Mobile 5 1.3 Objectives of The Research 6 1.4 Purpose of The Research 6 1.5 Research Question 6 2. Literature Review 7 2.1 Employee Satisfation 9 2.2 Customer Satisfaction 9 2.3 Levels Of Customer Satisfaction 10 2.4 Variables Of Research 11 2.5 Theratical Frame Work 11 2.6 Hypothesis 12 3. Methodology 13 3.1 Data Collection 13 3.1.1 Primary Data 13 3.1.2 Secondary Data 13 3.2 Research Instrument 13 3.3 Research Sample 13 3.4 Data Analysis 14 3.5 Validity Of Reaerch 14 3.6 Ethnics Of Research 14 4. Conclusion 15


The aim of this assignment is to provide an insight of employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction which is taking momentum from the past few decades. The companies are focusing more and more on the end results of services and don’t look behind the root that are providing the services i.e. the employees. It is important to consider the experience of the employees they are having along the way if you want the employ to be satisfied and the organization to be profit maximization. The employ are the one dealing directly to the customers and provide services. Their satisfaction directly affect the services and hence the satisfaction of the customers. The most dominant affect the customer has at first is the quality of service so the employees are the direct element on which success or failure of the organization depends (Fornell, 1992). When the employ are motivated, they are being involved by the company in strategies making, due importance is given to them by the organization and they are happy with their jobs then the customer will be the first one who notice the change in the quality of the services and it having direct impact on their satisfaction level (Katherine, 2001). The level of employee satisfaction and that of customer satisfaction depends on a lot of factors. According to the research of Carr (2003), said that when the workers in an organization are well aware of the values and the standards being followed by the organization then the turnover intention reduces and it’s inversely proportional to customer satisfaction. The first line employees, who deal face to face with the customer, are more aware of their behavior therefore act accordingly (Argyle 1989). 1.1 Background...
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