Impact of Electronic Technology

Topics: Meeting, Electronic meeting system, Management Pages: 4 (1339 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Impact of Electronic Technology in Business Meetings
Jamie Garrett
BUS 3004
Developing a Business Perspective
February 12, 2011


The purpose of this paper is to explain the impact of electronic technology versus face to face meetings in business meetings. Electronic technology has and will continue to change the way businesses have meetings. Businesses used to make employees sit at a long table and sit in uncomfortable chairs to have a meeting, but many companies have changed the way they do business meetings. The topic, electronic technology, was chosen because it is becoming the new future of companies. Many businesses have so many employees within their company that all of them cannot attend business meetings, so electronic technology has helped companies let employees join meetings from their desks. Electronic technology makes meetings more enjoyable and pleasurable. Electronic technology, hopefully, will make people want to participate in meetings and not look at them as a downfall. Electronic technology, when used in business meetings, has advantages and disadvantages for each company. Advantages of Electronic Technology in Business Meetings

Businesses have to look at how electronic technology would benefit the company compared to having traditional business meetings. A big advantage they need to look at is if it is going to benefit their employees. Electronic meetings can be accessed from all over the world, as long as the employee has some type of technology, for example; if there is an employee who needs to attend a meeting and he is in China at the time, he can attend the meeting from a computer and not miss any information that is being presented to other employees. Companies look at this advantage as a big part of their decision because there are so many companies who have employees that travel most of their time (Larson, 1991). Another advantage is that people speaking...
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