Impact of Driving Forces of Globalization

Topics: Globalization, Poverty, Education Pages: 8 (2167 words) Published: July 18, 2011
Name of Paper Presenter : Mrs. Sandhya Milind Khedekar Designation : Name of the College : Lecturer Thakur Shyamnarayan College of Education & Research, Kandivali (East), Mumbai.

Title of the Paper : Impact of driving forces of Globalization

– Role of Education
Globalization has come to be a principal characteristic feature of the new millennium and it has become an inescapable reality in today's society. No community and society can remain isolated from the forces of globalization. The cyber society has come with a bang. The computer culture is spreading rapidly. Even in a poor country, coca-cola, cars, cosmetics and clothes seen in the cities and towns hide the reality of poverty and suffering of the people. We have almost reached a point to believe that "We cannot reverse the trend; we can only go forward!" We need to ask: What is the role and priorities of education in this fast changing situation. What is Globalization? Globalization is a new contemporary stage of development of capitalism over the world. It is a process of social change in which geographical and cultural barriers are reduced. This break down of barriers is the result of transportation, communication and electronic communication. It also involves a process by which economies of different countries are oriented to a global market and are controlled by multinational and global financial institutions. It is not merely an economic process, it is also a

cultural process. It creates, by the help of media, a mono-culture - a culture of rich and powerful. It is no longer a theoretical concept; it is a glaring reality, impinging upon almost every aspect of human existence - economic, political, environmental, and cultural and the like.

Positive Aspects :
There are many potentially positive aspects of globalization, if it is pursued for the common good, not just for the benefit of a few. Today globalization has led to the opening up of the national boundaries to international trade and global competition. Developments linked with globalization have opened up boundless possibilities for human development, enormous new opportunities and enhanced the quality of life for many people in the third world countries. For example, the production of goods for consumption on a massive scale has brought not only a better and more varied goods available to every citizen, but also has brought enormous change in people's value system. Those who have and are able to buy the goods have attained greater comfort, speedier communication and faster travel. Information technology has converted the world into a "global village". The events of far-off lands are easily accessible in our living rooms. This process has promoted exchange of ideas and customs between peoples of different countries. Today our ways of thinking and behaving are now challenged beyond accepted traditional patterns. The horizon of our perspectives has suddenly embraced `the global village' beyond the confines of our homes. And this has been reciprocally beneficial. In addition, live communication of facts makes us partake instantaneously in the events of history. It also creates and promotes global concern. We now have the possibility of immediate worldwide attention to global issues, particularly to people in emergency situations. For this reason, it is irrational on our part to reject it outright; an uncritical attitude towards it is unwise. We need to affirm the positive side of this development and make use of the many opportunities it offers for our development.

Mrs. Sandhya M. Khedekar


Negative Aspects :
While some economists and politicians approve these developments, many people look at this process with much apprehension. They look at the global village as an order or mechanism for greater economic exploitation and political oppression. Globalization has many dimensions: economic, technological, political, cultural, social, environmental, ideological, etc. Each of them affects...
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