Impact of Divorce on Teens Under 18 Psych 210c06

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Family Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: April 23, 2011
The Impact of Divorce on Children under the age of 18

Charlie Parson IV

Liberty University

Psychology 210 C06

Instructor Amy Conner

25 March 2011

What if we focused on the way marriage was intended to be? God created marriage to be between one man and one woman. He never intended for there to be all this pain suffered between the children that resulted from the failed marriage. Jesus could have easily given up and not bore the sin of the world on the cross but he didn’t that is why we as Americans need to focus on not giving up our spouses. A marriage is not a used car you can’t trade it in every 5 years. Year after year the divorce rate continues to accelerate at a marginal pace affecting each and every upcoming generation stemming from the broken home. Every year well over one million children suffer as their parent’s divorce. Children of divorced parents are more often the victims of abuse and neglect, demonstrate a slowed learning capacity, higher school dropout rates, and are said to be less religious due to the absence of health and happiness. In a sense when two people get divorced they are divorcing their children as well. The number one result of divorce seems to be the relationships that are severed due to the absence of both parents being present. Fathers of broken homes are less likely to have closer relationships with their children. The younger the children are at the time of the divorce the more likely contact with them will dwindle down. Divorced mothers on the other hand are guilty of not being able to show the emotional support most children need and receive when there are two parents in the household. Another thing that tends to rub off on children of divorced families is the inability to overcome conflicts when they arise. After seeing parents argue and argue and then giving up on their marriage it would be easy to follow in those footsteps. The stress that...
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