Impact of Divorce on Children

Topics: Divorce, Marriage, Family law Pages: 4 (1526 words) Published: April 21, 2013
The Impact of Divorce on the Family
Sociology as defined by Sociology: exploring the architecture of everyday life is the systematic study of human societies (Newman, 2012). By studying human societies we can observe and understand how individuals interact with each other in society and the developing global system, but in order to understand these relationships we must look at society and the world at a different perspective. In turn a sociologist would be a scientist who studies human societies. A sociologist would be interesting in studying the topic of impact of divorce on children because it directly involves a relationship between two people. By studying divorce through a sociological perspective a sociologist can observe the causes that resulted in the divorce and the sociological implications it has on the nuclear family.

Divorce is defined as the legal dissolution of marriage by a court or other competent body (Newman, 2012). The divorce rate in the United States is somewhere between 40-50 percent. The causes for divorce can vary greatly and can range anywhere from unhappiness with the marriage to extramarital relationships. In the 1950’s to the 1970’s divorce was only fault based meaning one spouse had to prove the other spouse committed a marital offense (Jolivet, 2012). Since the culture in the 1950’s was much different than it is now divorced couples were stigmatized, and their children were also labeled as outcasts from a “broken home”. It was also thought that children from a “broken home” had a higher chance of failing out of school or delinquency since there was an obvious lack of parenting. In the 1970’s divorce became more common and legislation changed, therefore, no fault divorce was introduced. Once divorce became more common, society became more accepting and divorce was not viewed as taboo anymore. Instead people now see divorce as another chance to be happy. Children of divorce were now viewed as resilient instead of delinquents...
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