Impact of Dams

Topics: Dam, Hydroelectricity, Three Gorges Dam Pages: 4 (1407 words) Published: May 12, 2013
The main objective of this essay was to evaluate the impact of dams on the economic, social and environmental contexts. The idea was to analyse the dam’s major impact on each of these aspects. In the economic background, the benefits that hydroelectric dams provide were discussed in addition to the dam’s economic role in agriculture and food supply. Next, social impacts of dams were assessed which were mostly negative that dealt with population displacement and cultural sites destruction. The environment section discussed dam’s effect on river flow and river line erosion, but concurrently benefitting the environment by controlling flood and generating clean electricity. Finally, in the conclusion an indication of what should be done was given highlighting the importance of dams.

The innovation of dams has created a revolution in the state and phase of water resources since its establishment. Dams serve several purposes that are so beneficial that constructing a dam becomes an imperative mission for a particular nation. In the book, “Principles of Water Resources”, Cech (2009, p . 217) states “ Dams are a basic fundamental, management tool used to control, regulate and deliver water for a variety of purposes”. As mentioned by the author, these several purposes include hydroelectric generation, water supply, irrigation, flood control, recreation, navigation and many more valuable purposes. However, despite the much better outcomes, dams have faced huge criticism over the past years soon after its innovation. This reveals the issue that dams have some negative consequences that have put the subject under so much criticism. However, the range of positivity and negativity differs for each of the backdrops that dams influence. It is important to evaluate dams due to their immense impact in several contexts such as economic, social and environmental. One of the most important aspects of dams is the economic impact it has on the region or...
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