Impact of Computers and Management Information Systems on Society and Commerce

Topics: Information technology, Management, Computer Pages: 9 (2633 words) Published: March 18, 2010

1 - Computers-MIS and Individuals02
2 - Computers-MIS and jobs02
2.1. - People with Physical Disabilities.03
2.2. - Telecommuting03
3 - Computers-MIS and Education and training03
4 - Computers-MIS and Government04
5 - Computers-MIS and Crime.04
6 - Computers-MIS and Social interactions05
7 - Impact of Computers-MIS on Business and Commerce05

From the very beginning, computers have helped business tackle basic operations –collecting data, handling transactions, and creating reports. Today, businesses and managers would find it difficult or impossible to function without information systems. Electronic business and electronic commerce have gone a step further and have moved all of the major transactions online. Supporting modern transactions and operations requires networks and increasingly complex security controls. All managers perform tasks like writing, scheduling, calculating, and graphing. One of the most powerful uses of information systems lies in helping managers with these personal applications. Hundreds of tools exist to help managers with their daily tasks. Networks and the Internet are crucial to any business today. Networks are used to share data, support teamwork, and build relationships with customers and suppliers. They make it possible to support new forms of business and change the way firms are managed. As more aspects of our daily lives move online, security and privacy become critical elements to everyone. Businesses have obligations to protect resources and data. These protections need to be integrated into the heart of every business technology plan. As technology becomes more widespread and integrated into more aspects of our lives, everyone needs to consider the effects of various security policies. The heart of any company is its daily operations. Whether the company manufactures products or provides services, basic operations must be performed continuously. These operations give rise to transactions with suppliers, customers, employees, other firms, and government agencies. Transactions must be recorded, aggregated, and analyzed. Information systems are crucial to maintaining, searching, and analyzing transactions. To better understand the impact computers and MIS (or simply put, computer information technology) have had on society, we will examine CIT influence on the following social areas: personal (individual), jobs, education, government, social interactions, and business or commerce. The section on historical developments (appendix A) will help us understand how the evolution of CIT has led to the development of more complex but more efficient tools for enhancing progress and advancement of humanity.

1 - Computers-MIS and Individuals
Information technology has impacted individuals in various ways. Data about individuals is collected, processed and evaluated using computers. Companies, governments and employers collect and use data about many aspects of individuals’ lives. Marketing and sales have been improved by maintaining databases of consumer information and by tracking sales and preferences at the customer level. Through computer technology, individuals are able to access information on job opportunities, new careers and retraining possibilities. IT has improved individual’s business transactions, for example, automated billing and use of credit cards have facilitated transactions. Customers can now carry out transactions at any time, even through ATM. Robotics are being used in some industries to perform certain jobs hitherto performed by humans –dehumanization. It should, however be noted that technology’s effects on individuals have not been all beneficial. It has negative effects. Loss of privacy, depersonalization, and changing incentives or motivations are some side effects of computers and MIS on individuals. Employee and government privacy have often been...
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