Impact of Collegiate Organizations in Learning Development to the Students of Biology 1-a Usep 2013

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A Research Paper
Presented to
Rioliza B. Molina
Language, Department
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Southeastern Philippines

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Wilbert Benigno
Mark Christian Laum

March 2013
Background of the study
Colleges and universities have organizations. Collegiate organization is an educational and social entity that managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. On college campuses, one of the major factors that would help student’s involvement and development is to participate in organizations. This factor will strengthen the capacity of a student of being a leader in his or her nature. It equips students with the congruence, commitment, collaboration, common purpose, and controversy with civility, citizenship, change and consciousness (Dugan, J. P., & Komives, S. R., 2007). It plays an important role in the collegiate experience. Collegiate organization’s importance is vital. According to a 1993 article of Alexander Astin, almost any type of student involvement in college positively affects student learning and development. Collegiate organizations provide a setting to become involved and to interact with other students, thus leading to increased learning and enhanced development. It is the one of the most importance source of influence a student’s effectiveness and personal development. Student involvement in collegiate organizations also positively impacts educational attainment. Ernest T. Pascarella and Patrick T. Terenzini's 1991 research indicates that extracurricular involvement in collegiate organizations has a positive and great impact on attaining a bachelor's degree and on educational aspirations upon the students. Students engaged actively are more likely to have higher educational aims than passive students.

Statement of the Problem
This study is conducted due to the open mindedness of the researchers that seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What are the possible impacts of the collegiate organizations to the Biology 1-A students? Significance of the Study

The significance of this study is that it can help students be aware about the impacts of the organizations to their well-being. Also for the teachers, it can be use as a guide for them to convey the information of the importance of collegiate organizations to the students. Scope and Limitations of the Study

This study is conducted only to the students of B1-A of Bachelor of Science in Biology in the University of Southeastern Philippines, Barrio Obrero Davao City. Definition of Terms
The following terms are being defined for deeper understandings in the topic: Biology 1-A students- refer to the subject of the study who is undergraduates of Bachelor of Science in Biology. It is the 2nd variable of the study. Collegiate Organizations- this refers to the 1st variable of the study. Impact- This refers to the possible effect of collegiate organizations towards the Biology 1-A students.

Review of Related Literature and Studies
Impact of collegiate organizations to the learning development to the students
This chapter represents the literature which direct bearing in this study. In this regard, this literature reviews the impacts of collegiate organizations to the college students. To enrich the background on the subject of the researcher, the literatures what were found are here in presented.

Collegiate organizations allow students to link academic knowledge with practical experience, thereby leading to a better understanding of their own abilities, talents, and career goals. Employers seek individuals who have pretty particular involvements from their school where they were graduated. Specifically, participation in organizations and leadership roles in these activities are positively linked to...
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