Impact of Climate Change on Food System

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Nowadays, food production is facing global challenges. Climate change is the most important among the overall challenges. Contemporary food systems both contribute to and will be heavily affected by climate change. This essay will basically focus on the challenges caused by climate change to food systems, the effect of these disproportional challenges to global North and South and finally achieve an improvement to minimize emissions which lead to climate change.

The challenges posed by climate change (global warming) to food system are represented by reducing food supply, deteriorating plants’ growing conditions and decreasing food production. Firstly, green house effect can cut down food supply. Global warming contributes to a rise in atmosphere and ground temperature. It may make some useful plant species which must be grown in relatively low temperature not adapted, and then gradually goes to extinction. This would be a loss to our food source. Furthermore, plants’ growing conditions is also challenged by climate change. The ascending trends of temperature fasten the evaporation of surface water, and “soil moisture losses what will be exacerbated in many regions by a projected fall in precipitation levels” (Sage 2012, 4) so to a lower survival rate of plants. Without a good growing condition, we may not receive safety and high-quality food. Despite harm in growing condition, global warming can provoke a decreasing in food production. Water shortage resulted from evapotranspiration is a disadvantage to vegetation, and even worse, it can increase “plant disease, fungal infections and pest outbreaks.” (Sage 2012, 4) It will consequently threaten crop production. Moreover, the warming climate triggers the melting of ice sheet and then “rising sea level.” (Sage 2012, 4) Sage pointed out that study since 2007 ranged from a 0.5 to 2 meters rise by 2011. This may submerge some land where we can plant crops on.

Although we say that climate change challenges...
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